Slashblog / Serve Your Subdomain from a Subdirectory

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Your blog is throttled by having it on a subdomain – losing you traffic, sales, and morale.

Love your blogging platform and marketing platform?

With Slashblog you don’t need to compromise – you can have the best of both worlds.

You can use two different platforms, but serve them both from the same URL!


  • Serve your subdomain as a subdirectory
  • Works with any path – your blog can be at "/blog" or any other desired subdirectory.
  • Auto updates references to the subdomain in the HTML – links, canonical tags, and many more elements will show your subdirectory so Google and visitors will truly be browsing a subdirectory.
  • No SEO issues – from updating internal links to structured data/schema, the code takes care of SEO
  • Auto updates links in sitemap – your sitemap links will automatically point to your subdirectory meaning Google will get 200 (instead of 301) HTTP codes when crawling.
  • Auto redirects subdomain to subdirectory – this prevents two versions of your website being available (no good for SEO or usability)
  • Continue using backend of subdomain – even though the subdomain redirects to the subdirectory, there is special logic in place to allow admin traffic through. This allows content editors/admins to continue working as normal.
  • Works with any platform on your root domain as long as your traffic is proxied through Cloudflare (orange clouds).
  • Forms keep working – most reverse proxies break forms, but with Slashblog forms continue working
  • Lightning fast (literally)... Slashblog takes around 5ms from start to finish

🚀 Steps to Go Live

  1. Purchase Slashblog
  2. Configure file with your domain and platform
  3. Push to Cloudflare (tutorial included)

⚙️ Officially Supported Platforms

Here are the platforms Slashblog has been tested with as a subdomain (note Cloudflare proxy must be on)

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • HubSpot
  • Webflow
  • Ghost (membership support coming soon; must be disabled for now)

Many other platforms work with Slashblog, but just haven't been tested and documented. If there is one in particular you are looking for, please reach out and I can test it.

Note: Slashblog works with whatever platform is on your root domain (as long as the proxy is on). This list is in regards to the subdomain platform

📦 What's in the Box

  • The code
    • Nicely organized
    • Well documented
    • Uses the modern ES Modules syntax
  • A Wrangler file so you can configure it to your setup (tutorial will show you how to do this)
  • A video and written tutorial to help you launch

🎟️ License

You can put this beauty to work on unlimited sites on a single Cloudflare account.

If you want to use it on additional Cloudflare accounts, please purchase more as needed.

The official licensing terms are in the Terms of Purchase.

☑️ Requirements

  • Using Cloudflare with the proxy on for both the subdomain and root domain
  • Comfortable with techy stuff or good at following directions as we'll use the command line to deploy it

🔥 Get the Cloudflare Worker code and tutorial and start benefiting from your blog being on your root domain!

Questions? Email me at

I want this!

You'll get the code to deploy to Cloudflare and a tutorial to get it live.

No recurring costs!
Updates links, canonicals, and more
Adds ~5ms to each request
Redirects it to your subdirectory
Size (minified)
Video and written
Copy product URL


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Slashblog / Serve Your Subdomain from a Subdirectory

1 rating
I want this!